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Lil Rebel

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[15 Aug 2006|02:31am]
[ mood | giggly ]

Ok, this journal is done with...

so, tell me if u want to be added, or IM me or something.


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NO LIVEJOURNAL CUT FOR YOU!!!! [13 Aug 2006|11:42pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Well, I just yelled at two people!!! And now...I don't talk to them anymore...b/c they are DEAD!!!

You want to know why? B/c they thought they were better than me.

And see, the fact of the matter is...NO ONE! is better than me. Yea, see, most people don't know that...but you all shall learn to.

I am the future ruler of this world. And all that oppose me shall be terminated as needed. Some maybe be kept for slave or reproduction purposes...

So now for comes a new era in Livejournal, and soon to be the world.

It's time to step up, and make a few changes. A new livejournal is coming fourth.

Also, if you would like to still be added to the new one, let me know, b/c, I don't want any people who don't read my journal, to be on the list, b/c that is just  plain gay. And yes, gay as in homosexual.

It's time for a new, more conservative, much cleaner livejournal...take the old and throw it away. NEW IS IN!!!

"Drew" Dinkins for Ruler of the World

(I'm "Drew" Dinkins and I approve this entry)

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[24 Apr 2006|02:41pm]
[ mood | Sing! ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

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[19 Apr 2006|11:10pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Take the quiz:

You like it when other people are afraid of you. You like the thought of having massive power over someone, especially sexually. You are probably a sex fiend of some sorts and have some weird fucking fetishes. You were either raped when you were little, very confused by sex, or turned down a lot in high school. Whatever it was something in your head makes you hate the opposite sex. You feel the need that if someone says no to have sex with you they have to pay for it. Also the thought of someone begging you to stop and get off makes you want to fuck them harder... you strange fuck you... stay away from the neighbors children please...

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[12 Apr 2006|12:44am]
[ mood | hyper ]

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[04 Apr 2006|12:14pm]
[ mood | PROUD!!!!!! ]

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[11 Mar 2006|11:43pm]
[ mood | cold ]

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[08 Mar 2006|11:33pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I think I may be getting Jess-a-ca-pox again.

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Most random thing almost ever.... [18 Feb 2006|01:06am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

gingersnaps492: takes me long enough to eat popcorn

[17 Feb 2006|02:48am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Wake me up when my life is over.

[22 Jan 2006|12:41am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Work was busy. The line, for about an hour or so wouldn't go down at all. It was nuts.

Tomorrow I finally get the day off. I'm doing NOTHING! haha I just want to sit in my bed and stare at the TV.

I sold so much at work today, my boss is going to freak. I couldn't even believe it.
I seriously scared myself!

I had a sub today...MMMMM it was mighty good. It was even better b/c Mae made it for me.

I am so hungry. I need more FOOD! I got this movie called Session 9, suppose to be good.



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[21 Jan 2006|01:47am]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Work went kk. We only had 3 of us, on a Friday, but, we weren't that packed. Which means we will be tomorrow.

I work 1:30-11. I can't wait.(I was kidding of course) I'm getting a sub tomorrow. That sounds so good.

Let's fuck.

I was changing the garbage in the bathroom today at work, and (I talk to "things" sometimes. I know I'm weird, but I might have a problem) I was talking to the garbage bags. This was our convo:

Me: Hello garbage bags, how are you?
Garbage bags:(me in a low voice) Fine, how are you?
Me: Fuck you!!

I just thought it was funny. When I thought about it later on, I laughed so hard.

That is all for now.







Click on Trailerhttp://www.nightofthelivingdead3d.com/main.html

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[20 Jan 2006|05:33pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Also, to go along with my last post...

I kept saying this to Bryan:

"Do I look Jewish to you??"

It made no sense, but it was funny.

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[20 Jan 2006|03:55pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yesterday, I got my book for my Human Sexuality class. OMFGosh!! I brought it to Jeff's house, where Bryan was too, we looked through it....

I have never seen so much of SEX! I mean, they show you: STD's, how to fuck, how to masterbate, how to have a girl jack you off, how to eat  a girl out, many many sex positions. With pictures too. It was so funny!!

We laughed so hard. I mean, there is some educational stuff too, but, for that stuff to be in a text book, was just so weird.

Don't get lost in this:

Then, before that, Jeff went to McDonalds with Bryan. Jeff got a full meal, Bryan got a Mcflurry. Then later that night, I went to McDonalds with Jeff, and I got a full meal, and Jeff got another Mcfurry. (he had one before too) Then Bryan came home from work, hungry, went back to McDonalds Bryan got  full meal, and I got a Mcflurry.

It was funny when we thought about it.

Then today went to Wayne State with Bryan b/c he had to finish a painting. So I just went to keep him company. I read some of my book too. Then went to Hardees for lunch/dinner.

I got this HUGE 2/3 pound burger, and the biggest fries and drink they had. I almost puked twice. But I ate it all.

Tonight working 6-close. Um, your dumb.


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This sounds like something I would say!!! LMAO!!!! [19 Jan 2006|12:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Slay The Vixen: If you have any questions about the bubonic plague, I could probably answer those
Slay The Vixen: I've read like... 3 books on it
BackwoodsSlasher: lol
BackwoodsSlasher: i love plagues

Slay The Vixen: Me too
BackwoodsSlasher: its so interesting
BackwoodsSlasher: they should have a class on it
BackwoodsSlasher: i have had a class in serial killers, and a myth, folklore class befor
BackwoodsSlasher: e
BackwoodsSlasher: but no plague...
Slay The Vixen: That's no good
Slay The Vixen: I should become a teacher and then teach it
BackwoodsSlasher: haha! yes!
Slay The Vixen: Hahahahahahahaha! Then I can somehow end up controlling the world

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[19 Jan 2006|12:10am]
[ mood | worried ]

My class was so boring. It sounds easy, which is good b/c the rest are super hard.

Went to Jeff's afterwards, ate Pizza Hut then the usual. I think I am going to try to stop eating so much fast food.

I need to get my books. I'm afraid to, b/c I know some are a lot. :(

I just want to die. Or live on a island. Then I would only have to worry about the trees coming to life and eating me.

Which I wouldn't have to think about it ALWAYS! Just at night, sometimes.

Just one of those weeks. Plus I know what is in the near future....and I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm so not going to have a life soon. Sucky. Super sucky. Like super sucky times 8 if you had a triple thick shake thrown on you in 10 degree weather.


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[18 Jan 2006|03:00pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

BackwoodsSlasher: i love them
BackwoodsSlasher: they are my only friends lol
Slay The Vixen: Haha. Wow. I live in a house with 3 cats and they are my only friends
BackwoodsSlasher: aww lol
BackwoodsSlasher: that sounded cut
BackwoodsSlasher: e
BackwoodsSlasher: like a beginning to a book
Slay The Vixen: Ha.. Yeah, it's cute until they pee on everything
BackwoodsSlasher: ya, my friends cat does that
BackwoodsSlasher: i think he is getting better at it though
Slay The Vixen: My cat gets pissed off and then goes crazy with the whole peeing thing
BackwoodsSlasher: LMAO
BackwoodsSlasher: sounds like what someone does when they get drunk
Slay The Vixen: Haha
Slay The Vixen: That would probably suck to have an angry and drunk cat then

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[18 Jan 2006|03:57am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Well, work went very well. I loved it.

First, it was Jenni and I. And if we get together, its a hell of a good time. ;)

One thing we did today was help out this bitchy customer together. That was a blast! They were so rude. But fun.

Then, we took a mag from the stand, and we were looking through it. Then we found this "thing" that you send in to get a Jesse McCartney poster. So what we did...

was put Brian's address and shit all over it, and when we get paid Friday, we are sending it in.We got all his info from his account!!

And we were talking about it, and I made her spit her soda out all over the floor. It was so funny.

Then we talked about her baby shower. It's coming up soon. And...long story short, I wanted to go, (jokingly) and she told me to come, but I would be the only male there...I asked if any of her single friends were going, she said yea, so I was like...*shwing* haha

But I would feel so weird going. So of course I'm not. But it would be good..;) Free food too! haha

Also, I wanted to watch American Idol tonight, but I was too lazy to tape it. ( I really don't like the show, I just like the first show) I come home, and my father must have taped it for me. I was so happy. That made my day also.

I close with her again on Friday. Muy fun. Well, time for bed. I am going to attempt to get up somewhat early to get books before class.


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[17 Jan 2006|04:28pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Ok, this has to come out.

First off, I would like to ask EVERYONE on my friends list...have I ever hit on you?
And also, would any of you call me a player?
(for the first question, Tiffany, you can't say that b/c you don't count! lol)

Second, if I ever told you, (you being anyone on my friends list) that I:
1) Liked you
2) Was in love with you
3) Wanted to marry you
4) Had  a crush on you
or ect.

I LIED! Ok, first off, I would like to make this clear....

How can I fall in love with someone if they live 342343 miles away? I mean, I could, but still. Second, how would I ever meet you??? I mean, there are tons of people who I wish I could meet on here, but the chances of it every happening is slim to none.

That is just the facts!!

Last but not least...

The only people I truely am in love with, is Dwight and Jeana. For certain reasons. ;)

I just don't understand why people believe other people, people don't believe me in most things I say, why people take things so seriously. This is a computer people.

Get a fucking life!!!!!!

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[16 Jan 2006|11:09pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Class wasn't bad. It seems hard, but I will just have to study hard.

We got groups, and before that we split up into two's. We had to tell each other about ourselves.

It was akward. My groups rules. I guess.

I have class early tomorrow, and then I have to work. One long day! haha

It sucks.

My new fav. commerial is the starburst one where the guy steals all the kids stuff!!!

I fucking love it! The guy in it is so funny. He is one of my fav actors.

Well, this was dumb.

P.S. I would love if you could leave me a comment. I have all these friends, but no comments. So leave some. Thanks! <33333 (to "Ginger") LMAO!!!



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